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Why should you sell with FDXonline?

Sell your new or pre-owned luxury furniture faster and achieve a better price. Furniture and Decor Exchange markets & advertises your items to a large audience of design lovers across the UAE. We take care of delivery for you. You are in charge of your own account and only pay the commission when an item sells. 

This is how it works:

List it

List your new or  pre-owned furniture, it is free to post! FDX deducts a service fee only if the item sells

Get Paid

When you make a sale, you'll keep 80%-92% of your sale. Payment is processed after your item has been delivered & we'll deposit money into your account within 2-5 business days.

You are able to buy and sell 24/7

We have everything that you need to spruce up your experience of new & pre-owned furniture shopping within the UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to most common questions

What is FDX?

FDX is an e-commerce marketplace which enables both individual and retail customers to connect locally to buy and sell their new and pre-owned high q...Read more

What are FDX's selling fees?

Listing is free on FDXonline. When you make a sale, you will keep 80% - 92% of your sale. We'll keep the rest of the sale in order to provide yo...Read more

What items can I sell on FDXonline?

We allow both new and some pre-owned home furnishings and accessories that are brand new, ex showroom or in almost new condition, good quality, from ...Read more

How do I price my item?

The price should be determined based on a retail price, brand, age of your item and its condition. We recommend you pricing it at least 50% off the o...Read more

My items are sold. What's next?

Once a Buyer purchases your item, your furniture will be marked as Sold. From there, we will notify you via email about the purchase and wil...Read more

How and when do I get paid?

Earnings from sales are transferred to your bank account, or debit card via direct deposit. To get paid, please make sure you've successfully add...Read more

How do I buy an item?

To buy an item on FDXonline, simply select an item you wish to purchase and add it to your Shopping Cart. When you are done shopping, go to your Shopp...Read more

Why should I sell with FDXonline?

LIST IT: List your furniture, it is free to post! FDX deducts a small fee only if the item sells. SELL IT: When you receive a purchase request from a...Read more

Why are sales final?

Once you request to purchase an item and go through checkout process, the seller removes his/her item from our website and therefore loses the ability...Read more

What area do you currently serve?

We are currently serving all of the United Arab Emirates. ...Read more

What do we accept?

We accept good quality indoor and outdoor furnishings and home décor items, home accessories, home entertainment equipment, lighting, rugs, art...Read more

How do I set up an account?

Please click on "Sell My Items", which is located on the top right hand side of the main page or on "Open A Seller's Account" located in the midd...Read more

What do we not accept?

We do NOT allow the sale of the following items for the specified reasons below: Hygiene-Sensitive Items Used mattresses (we would only accept un...Read more

How do I promote my item(s)?

With so many fabulous items on Furniture & Décor Exchange ("FDX'') website, individual listings can be easily lost in the crowd. ...Read more

How can I list an item for sale ?

After logging in, you arrive on the [DASHBOARD] Click [SELL ITEMS] on the right-hand side and you will get to the [ADD AN ITEM] screen where you fi...Read more

What is the list it for me service?

Do you want to sell your furniture but do not have the time to set up your account, take photos and list your item(s)? Our...Read more

Cash Transactions

FDX offers cash transaction, as some of our customers prefer to pay for their purchases in cash. Most of our items (more than 95% ...Read more


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