Buying on FDXonline

How do I buy an item?

To buy an item on FDXonline, simply select an item you wish to purchase and add it to your Shopping Cart. When you are done shopping, go to your Shopping Cart and click on 'Checkout' - that's it!  We make your shopping journey easy. 

What happens after a purchase?

Once you submit a checkout request, we'll inform the Seller and hold your payment. The Seller has 24 hours to confirm your purchase. If the Seller confirms, we'll process your payment. If the Seller doesn't confirm the request within 24 hours, we'll cancel the sale and release the hold on your account.

During checkout you will be asked to propose a delivery date(s) to the Seller.  Once the Seller confirms the sale request, they can either confirm one of the dates you selected or propose other pick-up/delivery dates.  Once both parties are in agreement, we'll proceed to schedule the pick-up and delivery on our system.

If you choose to pick-up an item yourself, we'll provide you and the Seller with each other's contact information once the transaction is confirmed and payment has been made.

Can I avoid delivery charges?

Yes, you can pick-up the item yourself. When you add an item to checkout, you'll be asked if you would like the item to be delivered or if you want to pick it up yourself, in which case we will facilitate the exchange of contact information between Buyer and Seller, after the transaction has been confirmed and the item has been paid for.

What if the item I purchased does not match the listing?

If your purchased item does not match the listing in terms of appearance, condition, brand, size, or authenticity, just let us know within 24 hours and you will be able to return the item to the Seller for full refund.   However, if we do not hear from you within 24 hours, the sale is deemed final.

What happens if my item does not fit into my space or I changed my mind?

Regrettably, returns and refunds are only possible if an item does not match its listing in terms of appearance, condition, dimensions, brand, color, etc. 

If an item you purchased does not fit into your space, but the dimensions in the listing are correct, we cannot accept a return or a refund; likewise, if you change your mind.  

However, if you purchased an item by mistake and do not want to keep it, we will gladly help you resell it.

Will I be able to speak to, or communicate with a Seller?

We do not disclose Seller's contact information before a sales transaction has been concluded, as we would run the risk of being cut out of the deal. However, you can send any questions you have for the Seller, and we will do our best to answer your questions, checking back with Sellers as required.

Will I be able to offer less than the asking price?

Asking prices advertised on FDX are generally firm and not subject to negotiation. Some Sellers may however entertain slightly lower offers, especially if a Buyer wants to buy a large number of items from the same Seller.  Such inquiries need to be directed to FDX; we pre-screen Buyers who contact us and want to present offers below the asking price. If we deem a potential Buyer’s offer serious and reasonable, we will contact the Seller with the offer; the Seller will then decide on the offer, and we will get back to the Buyer.

What is FDX’s Fulfillment Cover?

For your peace of mind, when you choose delivery by FDX, we will cover your goods during transport.In the unlikely event that your newly acquired item should, despite every care taken to protect it, sustain damages during transport (e.g., due to a road accident) we will replace it, repair it to original specification or, if neither is possible, refund your full purchase price, so you don’t have to worry about safe delivery of your item.

In order for us to provide this cover, we charge a highly competitive 1% premium of the value of the item (i.e., FDX Selling Price, not original retail price), which will be added to your total price at the time of checkout.

Fulfillment cover is mandatory with FDX delivery. If you however choose self-pick-up, FDX cannot cover your item during transport, so the risk is on you. We cannot be held liable for any damages your item may sustain during transport. The item’s condition must therefore be carefully inspected on self-pick-up to avoid later disappointment as, once dispatched from the Seller, the sale is final and no further claims can be raised thereafter.

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