Pick Up & Delivery

Delivery and associated services are not included in the Selling Prices. As a Buyer, you can arrange your own pick up or opt for FDX’s delivery services; they are comprehensive, consisting of the following:

1. Disassembly & assembly, charged per item requiring it

2. Packaging & unpacking, charges based on the size of each item (small, medium or large)

3. Transport, charges based on the size of the truck and the distance travelled

4. Fulfillment cover, with premiums based on the value of your shipment


2.   PACKAGING & UNPACKING CHARGES are based on the size of an item.

Small items packaging : AED 15/per item

Ottomans, rugs, mirrors, pictures (both framed and unframed), vases, tea carts, clocks, small statues, other décor pieces (such as pillows, accents & accessories), ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, playpens & children's entertainment, soft goods & bedding.

Medium-sized items packaging : AED 20/per item

Chairs (accent, dining, office), armchairs, benches, coffee and center tables, cocktail tables, night tables, side tables, benches, stools, lounges, servers and sideboards, small/medium cabinets, console tables, sofa beds, daybeds, single beds, nightstands, vanity tables, desks & computer desks, bookcases, dressers, chandeliers, office chairs, office shelves & bookcases, storage & filing cabinets, medium statues, children's beds & cradles, children's storage furniture, children's desk & chairs, baby changing tables, outdoor lounge chairs.

Large items packaging : AED 25/per item

Bedroom sets, dining sets, bunk beds, 3+ seats sofas & sectionals, 1 or 2 seater sofas, dining tables, armoires and wardrobes, TV/media units, bookshelves, display cabinets, chests, loft/bunk beds, queen/double beds, king beds, dressers/chests of drawers, wardrobes, large cabinets, clothes organizers, boardroom tables & chairs, outdoor dining sets, outdoor seating sets, including sofas, tables & chairs, large statues, umbrellas & gazebos, home entertainment items (including pianos, pool tables, gym equipment, etc).


Transport charges are flat rate within Dubai (for up to 50 km) based on the size of the truck required (small, medium or large). We pick-up and deliver anywhere in the UAE; charges are based on truck size and distance traveled. 

Delivery charges are based on size of the truck (including helpers) & distance:

Small Pickup (includes 1 helper) ‐ Width 1.3m x Length 2.1m x Height 1.3m / 3.5CBM

0 to 50 km ‐ AED 190

50+km ‐ AED 2/km

Medium Pickup (includes 2 helpers) ‐ Width 1.8m x Length 4.2m x Height 1.9m / 14CBM

0 to 50 km ‐ AED 330

50+km ‐ AED 2/km

Large Pickup (includes 2 helpers) ‐ Width 1.9m x Length 6.0m x Height 2m / 22CBM

0 to 50km ‐ AED 530

50+km ‐ AED 2/km

For the Buyer’s convenience and cost savings, FDX will consolidate the delivery of multiple items from the same vendor, bought at the same time. The calculation of delivery charges is based on the size of a truck needed rather than per item. Our system is designed to assess the shipping volume automatically, with the largest item in your order generally determining the size of the truck; any unusual orders will be coordinated directly with the Buyer.  Regrettably, we cannot consolidate shipments from different vendors, so separate delivery charges will apply.

Example: If you buy one Large Item (large sofa), one medium size item, and two small size items, a truck choice (being a large truck) will be based on the largest item in your order, in this case being a large sofa.


If you opt in for FDX’s delivery then we insure your purchased items during transport, at a premium of 1% of the value of the goods. FDX’s fulfillment cover covers all risks of loss of, or damage to the purchased goods during transport,  up to the purchase price, not the replacement value.


Please note that there may be additional charges if your piece of furniture does not fit into a lift and our delivery crew has to carry it downstairs or upstairs. Any additional charges will depend on how many floors need to be navigated, the weight of your item(s) and on complexity of fitting your piece of furniture through a staircase. Due to each situation being unique, our delivery crew will assess the complexity of the task at hand and will tell you the price. Our fees are AED 10 per floor per helper. For example, if you are on the 5th floor and it will take 4 helpers to carry your couch, the additional charge for this will be AED 200. The payment for this extra service is payable to our crew members directly on the day of pickup or delivery.

Pickup from Seller

Our delivery team will notify the Seller 1-2 hours prior to arrival. Upon arrival, they will inspect, disassemble (if necessary) and wrap the item(s) for delivery. Prior to leaving, they will ask the Seller to sign our Delivery Note for pickup.

Delivery to Buyer

Our delivery team will notify the Buyer 1-2 hours prior to arrival. Upon arrival, they will unwrap and assemble ( if applicable) the furniture and ask the B uyer to sign for delivery. The Buyer will have 24 hours to inspect and report any potential issues with the furniture and to notify FDX in case of any discrepancy.  After the 24 hours the sale is deemed final.