NEW ITEM Kartell One More Stool in White
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Kartell - One More Stool by Philippe Starck in white color.
If you want to sip a drink at the bar in peace and quiet, you need a comfortable tall stool with a back to lean against. Sometimes one drink is not enough - and you need "One more" and sometimes "One more please". The "Ghost" family, one of the absolute Kartell icons, multiplies its ranks with stools of different heights - 65 cm or 75 cm - and with backs, either oval or square, but always versatile, practical, coloured and sturdy.

The fusion of plastic and design is the longstanding ethos of Kartell, known for singlehandedly reinventing the constantly used industrial material into sought after pieces for the home. Founded by Giulio Castelli in Milan in 1949, the chemical engineer created a now global empire which is celebrated as one of the most revered symbols of Italian design throughout the world. Kartell collaborates with the most prestigious international designers. The Kartell collection is multifunctional and of broad appeal, easy to use and beautiful to behold. Colour, irony, transparency, unique shapes and a play of the senses all come together to make unique pieces. Kartell product is immediately recognisable around the world for the emotion it generates, its durability and undisputed quality.

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One More
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Philippe Starck

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